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Composite patio

Composite patio construction is an interesting possibility for its "maintenance-free" aspect. Composite materials vary from one product to another, being products that are a mixture of wood fibre and recycled plastic, they have various components that differentiate them from each other. It is therefore important to choose a quality composite material that is recognized in the market.
At Imagine Decks, we only install products that have proven their worth in the industry, such as Trex, Azek, Timbertech and Geolam. Some have better quality, some are less expensive, but these are good products to use. The choice of colour, wood-like appearance, degree of expansion of the boards and prices are important decision-making factors.

Hybrid patio

We offer a hybrid patio option (composite and wood), this approach consists of using composite materials for horizontal surfaces such as floors, handrails and the top of steps that generally require more maintenance than vertical ones. Next, we install wood on vertical surfaces, which require less maintenance. This approach reduces budget costs by limiting maintenance to a minimum.

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