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Imagine Patios, Balcons et Clôtures Inc. is a unit of Imagine Entrepreneurs Inc., specializing in high-quality exterior wooden structures. With more than 10 years of experience, our team has created several patios, terraces, and other outdoor wooden structures, such as classic or Victorian balconies for hundreds of satisfied clients everywhere in the region of Montreal.

The carpenters at Imagine Entrepreneurs Inc. are proud of the meticulous work carried out for every project. They do everything possible to refine your projects to the smallest details. Please feel free to visit the section on this subject on our website for an overview of our achievements.

The preferred material used for the construction of our patios and other wooden structures is the Western red cedar. Known for its durability, it is highly resistant to wear, to all forms of decay and weather conditions. Its lifetime is around 35 years in the best of cases. It also offers high resistance to water as well as to termites: enough to adapt to numerous climatic variations of Quebec.

We also invite you to visit the sections on Ipé patios (exotic wood) as well as composite materials to learn more about these types of sustainable materials.

After scheduling an appointment, our experts in patio construction will inquire about your needs, budget and ideas. Ultimately, they will propose ideal solutions for your situation. Imagine Entrepreneurs Inc. ensures your complete satisfaction by presenting you with all the different types of possible construction with variations of wood used so as to provide further insight into your decision.

Our team is covered by a liability insurance in case of damages to your property, so as to provide you with greater peace of mind, and this, throughout the whole duration of the work.

We are your partner of choice for the construction of red cedar wooden patios. We handle your mid-range and high-end projects, be it for residential or commercial purposes. Contact us!


Imagine Patios, Balcons et Clôtures Inc. is a unit of Imagine Entrepreneurs Inc., specializing in high-quality wooden outdoor structures. Among the types of wood that we offer, you will find Ipe wood. It is an exotic wood, which is five times more durable and resistant than treated wood and cedar. It is also stronger than torrefied wood and composite. It requires little maintenance, and can last up to 50 years!

Whether it is for the construction of a patio for your pool, a terrace on a roof or any other types of construction, Ipe wood will certainly meet your expectations. Browse our patio section to view our latest creations (patios and decks). Our company guarantees at all times, a result of unmatched durability, and aesthetically unparalleled.

Imagine Entrepreneurs Inc. is a leader in its field, and its team of experts ensures quality of the final product, in compliance with industry standards.


Among the types of wood that we offer, you will find red cedar, a wood known for its stability as well as its resistance to decay, thanks to its natural tannins. It is a timber also known for resisting weather conditions and torsions. Red cedar meets all the needs of customers seeking for originality, quality and affordable prices.

Our company specializes in medium, high-end, red cedar and Brazilian Ipe construction. Thanks to its expertise and experience, it will meet all your expectations. Our patios, terraces, balconies or high-quality red cedar fences will meet your expectations perfectly, while respecting your budget.

Whether you are from Montreal area, (Outremont, Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, Westmount), from Saint-Lambert, the Town of Mont-Royal or their surroundings, adopt the right reflex: Contact Imagine Entrepreneurs Inc. and book an appointment to obtain a free quote! Our specialists are at your service to answer your questions. 

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